Applicat specializes in delivering rich-experience mobile solutions for enterprises & ISVs, offering best of breed products and services in the mobile arena.
From the very beginning of the mobile software industry, Applicat went through all the way while providing dozens of solution to nearly all mobile platform ever made. As a veteran player in the mobile industry, Applicat provides professional services and sticks to its strategy which combines advanced technology, a state-of-the-art custom designed mobile products with brilliant user interface that simply work perfectly. Applicat specializes in developing products aimed to provide outstanding mobile solutions for leading enterprises. Our customers include large scale organizations in a variety of verticals such as telecom, healthcare, insurance, finance, industry and municipal. Applicat's deep business understanding allows it to perfectly match a suitable mobile solution for each company who desires to lead its market by using high-end technological tools. We are keen to gain superb results for our clients while supplying an uncompromised experience to their customers.
  • GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013
    Applicat is participating in the upcoming MWC 2013 and is honored to announce of revealing new innovative enterprise mobile products! Come visit us at our booth in Hall 5, stand 5I84
  • MobiAwards 2012 contest
    Applicat is proud for winning the MobiAwards 2012 contest for providing the most advanced mHealth solution for Meuhedet – the 3rd largest Israeli health fund
  • Mobi Web 2013 Seminar
    Join us on Mobi Web 2013 and participate in Applicat's seminar: "The Mobile Race – Best practices, Approaches and Trends for Establishing an Enterprise Mobile Channel"
  • IT Awards 2012
    Applicat was rewarded in the IT Awards 2012 for its contribution to the mobile industry while providing the most advanced and innovative enterprise mobile solutions
  • UPS Israel Reward
    Applicat greets UPS Israel for winning the IT Awards 2012 for its field service management solution, provided by Applicat
  • Meuhedet is praised
    Globes has compared between the Israeli healthcare organizations and found Meuhedet to have "by far the most advanced enterprise mobile solution"
  • STKI Summit 2013
    Come visit us in the STKI Summit 2013, learn about Applicat's solutions, and have the chance to win a valuable prize in Applicat's contest

Applicat is a leading software company which specializes in delivering mobile turn-key solutions for enterprises & ISVs, offering best of breed products and solutions in the mobile field.

Applicat's solutions are designed by taking advantage of the company's vast knowledge and experience of more than a decade in the mobile software industry. Applicat is responsible for designing, developing and delivering dozens of mobile solutions for leading organizations in the Israeli and the global market.

Offering mobile products for a variety of industries and market niches, Applicat believes that visual and art work are crucial for creating an experience that has the power to make a dynamic relationship between the user and the product. Thus, Applicat presents state-of-the-art graphic design and a brilliant user interface in each one of its products.

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