Applicat's AMPfinance™ delivers robust, cost-effective feature-rich mobile experiences that set new standards, and target banks and financial institutions. AMPfinance™ provides cutting-edge tools for implementing the organization's business logic while offering its end-users easy access to services from any mobile device. AMPfinance™ leverages its agreement with customers to a new level, strengthening the infrastructure and service capabilities of banks, equipping customers with the most advanced and innovative financial solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing service costs.
Managing a current account
System users can manage their bank accounts, including viewing current account transactions, making payments, and obtaining up-to-date information whenever and wherever they want.
Arranging loans
AMPfinance™ makes it possible to arrange loans simply and easily, with the option for obtaining express loans, defining the number of months for repayment, calculating interest rates, and producing a payments report. System users also benefit from the ability to set repayment dates, make payments and receive the latest information throughout the loan period.
Capital and Forex Markets
Receive the latest data from the various markets at any time, buy and sell bonds, shares, options and foreign currency, see an updated display of the whole investment portfolio and generate reports, follow specific securities and receive suitable real-time alerts, with the ability to integrate feeds from selected sources of information.
Deposits and Savings
AMPfinance™ users enjoy the most advanced capabilities of their kind for making deposits and long term savings programs. The system lets customers receive offers for investments through deposits and compare different deposit plans, so that they can choose the plans that best meet their needs.
Financial calculators
A wide range of calculators and other financial tools for calculating interest rates, mortgage repayments, and yields on investments in the capital market.
Message Center
AMPfinance™ enables customers to receive regular notifications, reminders, updates and general announcements, keeping them informed 24/7.
Analysis of Data
An advanced and innovative capability to analyze various financial portfolios, including current situation and future projects, to monitor expenses, displaying the information in an easy format using advanced graphical analysis tools.
Key Benefits
Perfectly tailored for banks and financial institutions. Providing real-time financial data on the go.
Offering customers an outstanding service anywhere, anytime. Encouraging consumption of financial products and conducting intensive activities.
Equipping customers with the most advanced tools for monitoring and managing their financial assets and investments. Strengthening customers' loyalty and commitment.
Reducing service costs.
Applicat Applicat is a leading software company, which specializes in delivering mobile turnkey solutions for enterprises and ISVs, offering best-of-breed products and solutions in the mobile field.

Applicat Mobile Platform™ delivers a robust, feature-rich mobile experience, which sets a new standard and targets several verticals, such as healthcare organizations with AMPhealth™, insurance companies with AMPinsure™, banks and financial institutes with AMPfinance™ and commercial organizations with AMPutilities™. AMP™ is designed to establish the mobile channel between the enterprise and its customers, and provides a set of tools that enables fast implementation of the organization's business logics, offering end users easy access to services from any mobile device.

Hormiga™, Applicat's advanced mobile field service management and workforce software, is designed to help organizations streamline field tasks and activities. Hormiga™ increases organizations' productivity, efficiency and implementation capabilities, by optimizing business processes and workflow management.

Applicat's software solutions are designed to take advantage of the company's vast knowledge and over a decade of experience in the mobile software industry. Applicat's achievements include designing, developing and delivering dozens of mobile solutions for leading organizations in the Israeli and global market.
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