AMPhealth™ is a best-of-breed mobile channel solution, perfectly designed for health service providers and HMOs, for providing their patients with 24/7 healthcare information and services on the go. Applicat’s mHealth solutions enable health service providers to stay connected with their patients on an ongoing basis, while at the same time encouraging patients to take a more proactive approach to their healthcare.

With AMPhealth, users are easily connected with their healthcare provider and are able to make better use of the services available and manage their health records. AMPhealth is now being integrated with existing backend and eHealth solutions to broaden its reach, reduce health costs, and encourage preventative care.
Search for Physicians and Clinics
AMPhealth offers advanced query abilities, giving patients a variety of location based and non-location-based search options for clinics, emergency centers, physicians, pharmacies, medical centers, and labs. Patients can save and manage a list of favorites for future use.
Pharmacy Locator
Locating pharmacies according to several filters, including availability of selected medicines, location, and opening hours.
Fast Access to Emergency Centers
Getting fast call options and fast navigation abilities to the nearest emergency center.
Advanced Appointment Scheduling
An advanced mechanism for scheduling appointments for physicians and medical experts, while getting real-time access to their appointment calendar. Physicians can be selected by using appointment history, location criteria, date and time filters, or according to the physician's medical expertise. AMPhealth supports appointment approval notifications and appointment reminders, and automatically saves scheduled appointments into the user's mobile personal calendar.
Medical Test Results
Providing a full history of the patient's medical test results, supporting graphic presentations, statistics, timeline comparison of results, reminders for periodical tests, and real-time notification of receipt of results.
Treatment History
Patients can easily view their appointment and medical treatment history, and can contact the treating physician, and reschedule appointments.
Personal Medication Utility
Providing an innovative set of tools for managing the patient's prescribed drugs and medication; reminders to take drugs, medicine usage history, and digital prescriptions.
Self-Medication Monitoring and Documenting Utility™ (SMMD)
SMMD takes medical and clinical treatments one step further, supplying a handy tool for self-documenting your medical condition and self-measurements. Patients can easily record medical reports with detailed descriptions, measurement results, and camera image attachments. SMMD is extremely helpful for documenting chronic disorders, allergies and side effects, blood pressure, weight and height measurements, body temperature, migraines, sleep problems and diabetes tests.
Digital Medical File
A multi-lingual medical file, including a summary of allergies, medical history, vaccines and chronic illnesses.
Medical News and Content Management
Medical service providers can easily manage medical content and a repository of professional articles, which can be accessed from any mobile device, providing enriching knowledge and practical advice.
Stronger patient involvement
AMPhealth enables HMOs to give good service to their patients by providing access to health records, appointment reminders, medication calendar, vaccination records, medical forms and professional articles. In return, HMO members who feel empowered by their health providers are far more likely to retain their services.
Key Benefits
Reducing health service costs
Strengthening patient involvement
Providing a broader range of services
Providing real-time personal medical data on the go
Equipping patients with the most advanced and innovative medical solutions
Offering your patients a better service anywhere, anytime
Encouraging preventative care
Strengthening your brand and your customers' awareness
Applicat Applicat is a leading software company, which specializes in delivering mobile turnkey solutions for enterprises and ISVs, offering best-of-breed products and solutions in the mobile field.

Applicat Mobile Platform™ delivers a robust, feature-rich mobile experience, which sets a new standard and targets several verticals, such as healthcare organizations with AMPhealth™, insurance companies with AMPinsure™, banks and financial institutes with AMPfinance™ and commercial organizations with AMPutilities™. AMP™ is designed to establish the mobile channel between the enterprise and its customers, and provides a set of tools that enables fast implementation of the organization's business logics, offering end users easy access to services from any mobile device.

Hormiga™, Applicat's advanced mobile field service management and workforce software, is designed to help organizations streamline field tasks and activities. Hormiga™ increases organizations' productivity, efficiency and implementation capabilities, by optimizing business processes and workflow management.

Applicat's software solutions are designed to take advantage of the company's vast knowledge and over a decade of experience in the mobile software industry. Applicat's achievements include designing, developing and delivering dozens of mobile solutions for leading organizations in the Israeli and global market.
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