AMPinsure™ is designed to establish the mobile channel between insurance companies and their clients and partners. AMPinsure™ is aimed to enable clients to manage their policies, file claims, locate service providers, access attractive offers on the go, and much more.

Applicat's AMPinsure™, based on best practices in the insurance industry, is the most advanced mobile channel solution available to insurance companies, enabling their clients to view, activate and control their policies, assets and investments.

AMPinsure™ is being integrated with existing insurance backend systems, to broaden reach, reduce service costs, and encourage consumption of new insurance products.
Filing Claims
AMPinsure™ enables clients to file claims directly from their mobile device, attaching camera images and GPS geo-data, record significant details from the field, and follow step-by-step instructions to prevent errors. Clients can easily follow the status of a claim, while having the ability to receive notifications regarding the handling progress of the claim.
Policy management
Policyholders must be confident that they can control and manage their policies at any time. With AMPinsure™, they can easily access policy information, view reports, update details, confirm changes, and handle payments.
Locating and contacting service providers
Users can use their mobile to find relevant service providers whenever needed, based on their location.
Renewing policies and payments
Policyholders are notified in advance about policy expiration dates, and can easily renew policies and handle the necessary payments. At the same time, insurers have the opportunity to offer renewal benefits and related additional products.
Generating reports
Pension and annuity holders can easily analyze financial performance and revenues, access deposit history, and obtain a financial overview regarding their investments and policies.
Digital copies of licensing and registration documents
Clients can configure and manage digital copies of important registration and other documents, and attach them to a relevant policy, to be used in case of need.
Policy -On-Demand™
AMPinsure™ provides innovative tools and presents Policy -On-Demand™, which enables insurance companies to offer new types of policies, which are based on on-demand activation. Clients can easily activate policies for short periods of time, just with the click of a button. The system records the activation and the deactivation times, and charges the client accordingly. With Policy On Demand™, clients have full control of their expenses, while the insurer gains a truly new growth engine.
Message center
Maintaining a continuous connection with its customers plays a significant role for any organization. A frequent B2C communication is proved to be a crucial factor for retaining customers and strengthen their loyalty. AMPinsure™ supplies an advanced tool for sending messages and alerts to customers, wherever they are. In addition, customers can contact the company's representatives regarding a variety of services, which contributes to reducing customer service costs.
Offering new insurance products
AMPinsure™ offers new business opportunities, by reaching new clients and forming a close relationship with existing ones. AMPinsure™ is a highly productive channel for launching and marketing new insurance services.
Professional information directory
AMPinsure™ makes data knowledge much more accessible, by providing capabilities for creating and managing a professional directory that can be accessed on the go, from any mobile device. This directory can include useful information and professional instructions, which should be followed in a variety of incidents.
Key Benefits
Perfectly suited to all insurance companies, covering all types of insurance policies
Encouraging purchase of new policies and other insurance products and services
Empowering insurance infrastructure and service abilities
Providing your customers with a better service, anywhere, anytime
Supplying clearer and much more accessible insurance data and professional information
Strengthening your brand and your customers' awareness
Increasing customer retention
Reducing service costs
Applicat Applicat is a leading software company, which specializes in delivering mobile turnkey solutions for enterprises and ISVs, offering best-of-breed products and solutions in the mobile field.

Applicat Mobile Platform™ delivers a robust, feature-rich mobile experience, which sets a new standard and targets several verticals, such as healthcare organizations with AMPhealth™, insurance companies with AMPinsure™, banks and financial institutes with AMPfinance™ and commercial organizations with AMPutilities™. AMP™ is designed to establish the mobile channel between the enterprise and its customers, and provides a set of tools that enables fast implementation of the organization's business logics, offering end users easy access to services from any mobile device.

Hormiga™, Applicat's advanced mobile field service management and workforce software, is designed to help organizations streamline field tasks and activities. Hormiga™ increases organizations' productivity, efficiency and implementation capabilities, by optimizing business processes and workflow management.

Applicat's software solutions are designed to take advantage of the company's vast knowledge and over a decade of experience in the mobile software industry. Applicat's achievements include designing, developing and delivering dozens of mobile solutions for leading organizations in the Israeli and global market.
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