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Boost results and get on cloud nine

A cloud-based solution, Hormiga is deployed easily and quickly, allowing scaled usage and resources as you grow, tailoring expenses precisely to your company’s needs. Hormiga runs businesses faster, enabling managers and employees alike to access their individually secured accounts at any time, either through a mobile device or a web browser, improving performance considerably. Your organization benefits by seamlessly receiving continuous system upgrades and available new features that rapidly boost business growth.

Unlike traditional enterprise solutions, Hormiga requires no proprietary software or costly hardware installation. With minimal investment, and no maintenance concerns or additional IT costs, you can start using Hormiga immediately, increasing productivity from day one.

Power up with advanced field-service mobile tools

Catering to the specific needs of field employees, Applicat has engineered BrightWorker™ - a world-class native mobile app tailored perfectly for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices. Harnessing built-in hardware components and OS functionalities, BrightWorker™ turns each workday into the most productive ever, providing your field personnel with intuitive access to all their data, and enabling easy management of daily activities while on-the-go. BrightWorker™ utilizes best-of-breed and top performance UX, while providing seamless access to data offline, even when network coverage is unavailable. Hormiga's trailblazing technology is designed to synch ronize perfectly with BrightWorker™ mobile tools , thereby maximizing employee performance by providing field workers with access to the world's most advanced tools and services available on the market.

Immediate integration from the get-go

Hormiga's integration capabilities facilitate real-time flow of essential information, ensuring the robust infrastructure required for running your business processes and driving field force performance. Implementing RESTful APIs provides easy access to Hormiga's services, allowing for immediate integration with any data system, whether an on-premise or a cloud solution. Additionally, Hormiga offers a set of pre-assembled connectors that can interface with a variety of prevalent CRMs, ERPs or other enterprise software systems, ensuring deployment at minimal cost.

Innovative web technologies

Utilizing the most advanced web technologies and frameworks, Hormiga offers managers a suite of powerful tools and a state-of-the-art UI that enable smart management of field forces remotely through continuous access to data streamed from the field, while steadily increasing performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Information security is our guiding principal

All services and resources are accessed securely utilizing the highest standards of secured-communication transfer and authentication protocols, in addition to claim-based authorization mechanisms. Partnering with Microsoft to maintain the highest security standards and practices for its partners and customers, Applicat operates on MS Azure platform, fulfilling the promise to continuously provide peace of mind and guaranteed safety of use. Hormiga enables easy monitoring of user access and permissions, either through your company’s directory, or through Hormiga's built-in directory.