Benefits Reduce costs

Reduce unnecessary costs
across the company

Using Hormiga’s advanced mobile technology ensures a seamless transition into a paperless environment, saving considerable time and resources on planning and updating work orders. Equipped with advanced analytical tools, service organizations can easily identify waste, and initiate actions for systematic improvement. This results in a significant financial impact, increasing profitability across the company.

Paperless environment

Hormiga’s BrightWorker mobile technology reduces considerably the amount of paperwork involved in planning and updating work orders. Using BrightWorker employees already start planning their day the evening before, with easy access to information about their upcoming WO route, parking tips, addresses, access, customer history, assets, warranties and more.

Summarizing customer visits is completed instantly using intuitive forms with drop-down fields for each WO type. Resources are spared on return visits to customers due to misunderstandings in hand-written reports. The amount of paper is reduced significantly, while WOs are no longer lost in the shuffle, and billing errors are minimized. Barcode scanning ensures that the relevant asset is being serviced and that the correct part is installed.

WO details are saved automatically and pushed to and from the hand-held device, eliminating the need to write up field reports and then type them manually, thereby reducing back-office resources.

Most BrightWorker functions do not require server connection, so employees continue to work offline uninterruptedly in areas with limited connectivity. The data is sent automatically as soon as internet connection resumes, saving time and preventing loss of data.

With Hormiga your workforce is more efficient and more productive, saving precious time and resources on communication with the office. The rain forest will thank you too.

Pinpointing patterns to stimulate improvement

Hormiga helps organizations minimize their travel expenses, resulting in major savings in gasoline and automobile maintenance. The company may conclude that by saving time, more tasks could be carried out with the same workforce; or that a shortage in spare parts is causing unnecessary return visits. This analysis prompts certain organizations to take relevant actions, and to formulate best practices.

Detected waste could be a result of excessive idle time or avoidable travel, indicating a problem in the operational workflow. By analyzing customer history it could become evident that certain customers are not profitable, due to the amount of resources allocated to them, or because a certain technician’s visits last considerably longer than the average visit.

SaaS model: the cost-effective way to go mobile

Using the robust MS Azure cloud-computing platform, Hormiga provides SaaS-based mobile services that cater to the ever-changing needs of organizations.

Hormiga’s users access the system easily and securely through the internet from any remote location in the world, saving time and money and eliminating installation costs. Upgrades are seamlessly performed by Hormiga in the central cloud. Because no local installations or HW are required, there is no need to hire dedicated IT personnel or to conduct lengthy training.

Your organization scales as your business grows, enabling you to purchase additional modules later, while the infrastructure is scaled accordingly. The number of licenses can be increased or reduced to accommodate the size of your mobile workforce or seasonal fluctuations.