Benefits Harness operational knowledge

Harness operational knowledge

Hormiga helps organizations to retain the vast amount of accrued practical knowledge, and to harness it for optimizing each workday and for enriching the knowledge of field employees. Through innovative collaborative tools Hormiga stimulates high-performance work-teams sharing an esprit de corps, heightening their professional level and speed, and increasing their efficiency.

Treasure of practical knowledge

Hormiga helps organizations to retain operational and business knowledge based on field experience, providing its accessibility by the entire company. This includes, first and foremost, an abundance of practical knowledge, such as WO sequencing and other operational procedures and decisions of experienced field personnel. This knowledge is retained within the organization and utilized by Hormiga’s crowd-routing optimization. It is also shared by the entire workforce on a daily basis even when key employees are absent or in the event that they leave the company. Saving daily employee work patterns serves also as a basis for best practice policies, and can be used for establishing new company objectives and metrics.

An additional source of collaborative knowledge are Insights, which includes professional knowhow, technical tips and essential information that employees have written about products, customers, accessibility and professional tips. By saving these insights and linking them to relevant WOs, products and customers, Hormiga displays a dynamic history of all the relevant insights each time an employee views a WO. Field personnel can share the details of a product or a WO with a colleague for the purpose of requesting a professional tip.

A third source of knowledge is the Hormiga knowledge base which includes user manuals and operational guides written by the company. These manuals, together with employee insights that are linked to each relevant product, enable workers to access all the professional knowledge they need from one central location. This means that when searching for information about a particular product, employees view both the manuals and the most updated insights pertaining to that product.