Benefits Improve monitoring & management

Improve monitoring & management
by increasing visibility

What exactly is happening in the field? What is causing you wasted resources? While traditional workforce management solutions typically focus on task completion, Hormiga presents each workday in highly granular resolution, offering an effective tool for managers to recognize behavior patterns and evaluate performance of their field employees.

Managing a team you can’t see

In order to improve performance and productivity it is essential for a manager to know what’s happening in the field. Intended specifically for managing teams who work outside the office, Hormiga leverages granular activity recognition - a state-of-the-art data analytic technology that transforms any ‘invisible’ workplace into a fully visible arena.

The activities of all employees throughout the work day are captured automatically. The system identifies when employees are travelling and when they have stopped, without the need to log in or indicate activity type. The result is a highly granular minute-by-minute snapshot displaying all the activities performed, such as travel, work, break and idle times, with the precise durations of each.

Using granular activity recognition Hormiga analyses performance and calculates individual employee averages, using this information to generate daily FDAs.

With capabilities as the granular activity recognition, FDA, deficient-performance alerts, real-time notifications and crowd-optimized routes, Hormiga provides managers with advanced real-time performance metrics accessible from any desktop or tablet.

Enhancing measurement of employee performance

By presenting managers with a detailed view not only of what is being done, but how, Hormiga provides organizations with a sophisticated management tool for analyzing work patterns and evaluating employee performance.

Managers can track punctuality and response time; compare an employee’s average duration of a WO to company averages; track first-time-fix-rates; measure SLA compliance, analyze KPIs and more. While some managers choose to react to an event immediately, others may prefer to monitor performance over time and act later.

Employees whose performance is monitored tend to follow work procedures more closely, and are therefore, more productive. Moreover, implementing Hormiga’s innovative performance metrics helps identify work patterns of high performers whom the company wishes to reward. These patterns could be replicated by the entire organization, and serve as an incentive for increasing productivity. Your employees will become more aware of rewards offered for high performance, and will perform better.

Auto-detecting discrepancies is elementary, dear Watson

Hormiga’s deficient-performance alerts are triggered when the system detects irregular actions or conflicting data, intended to identify inadequate performance and excessive use of resources. Managers can view all the deficient-performance alerts displayed automatically by the system, which serves as a helpful monitoring tool, eliminating the tedious task of analyzing graphs.

Some alerts provide the ability to monitor travel expenses, triggered for example, if the actual travel distance exceeded the expected distance. Other alerts could indicate that an employee reported an action from a location that was far from the predefined WO; or, an additional alert may signal when the expected time duration was exceeded.