Benefits Optimize productivity

Optimize productivity by enhancing
field workforce performance

As a field service company your workforce is the most vital resource. Its performance bears significant impact on the company’s results. Hormiga provides the world’s most powerful field service mobile technology, combined with field-wisdom, intuitive timelines and planning tools, so that field employees arrive quickly at their destinations and execute tasks more productively than ever.

Busy field employees need intuitive work tools

Does your team still pick up the daily WOs from the office for planning each route? Are they spending endless hours updating WOs and transferring data to the back office?

Hormiga equips field teams with BrightWorker – a workforce-centric mobile app that increases productivity by helping to plan hectic, dynamic schedules efficiently, so workers arrive as quickly as possible at each destination with minimal travel and idle time.

BrightWorker automatically generates a forecasted daily activity (FDA) which provides start, end, travel times and distances of all planned WOs. Continuously recalculating forecasts for the remaining WOs, based on individual performance rates and current employee locations and activities, the FDA serves as a useful tool for field employees to plan their work day and carry out their workload in the most effective way.

Through Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization technology Hormiga utilizes decisions of the entire field workforce to generate optimized routes, thereby reducing operational costs and delivering maximum productivity every day. Employees receive notifications on their mobile device, eliminating unnecessary calls to the office.

WorkdayPlayer™ proactively guides field workers through their daily workload seamlessly and effectively, identifying every activity type, and displaying upcoming tasks and relevant content-sensitive data accordingly.

Using color-coded icons, timelines, GPS, dashboards, maps and collaborative knowledge tools, employees increase productivity by easily getting directions and by previewing remaining WOs and travel destinations to monitor their progress.

These tools save hundreds of hours each month of sorting through work orders to set up daily routes. Moreover, equipping employees with latest cutting-edge mobile technology and tools that enhance their work environment will be viewed as a vote of confidence in the company, and will increase commitment and loyalty

Field-wisdom optimization increases efficiency

Hormiga utilizes field-wisdom optimization to generate daily routes for each employee, containing the recommended optimal sequence of WOs and parking options ranked by employees. This saves time planning daily routes and parking, ensuring minimal travel and the fastest arrival time at each destination. By leveraging accurate data obtained in the field, Hormiga maximizes efficiency in organizations.

Hormiga’s optimization technology is the only solution suitable for service organizations that assign relatively few field employees to each geographic area, and, therefore, the only technology that provides significant ROI and optimization. Offering a considerable advantage, Hormiga’s advanced technological tools drive customers to stay competitive and to become market leaders.

Optimal routes are calculated based on routing decisions of all field employees assigned to a predefined area. The system saves and aggregates these decisions, and uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate the recommended route

Employees may be allowed, depending on company policy, to revise the system-generated route, based on their own experience in the field, and any changes to the suggested route are also saved to improve future results.

Hormiga’s field-wisdom optimization is based on the notion that decisions taken, and the accumulated knowledge acquired by the entire workforce contain valuable information that should be kept and utilized to yield maximum efficiency and optimal results.

The underlying theory behind Hormiga’s innovative approach to field-wisdom optimization is the wisdom of crowds, by which a large group’s aggregated answers to questions involving issues that are measurable, are more accurate than the answers given by any individual within the group, even an expert.

A good parking tip goes a long way

Parking takes up a considerable amount of time in a field service employee’s busy day, and a quick parking tip can save precious time. Hormiga’s parking feature harnesses readily-available information that until now has never been collected or utilized before. Using BrightWorker employees view peer rankings and parking recommendations in the area of their WO, saving time and hassle. Upon parking, employees are requested to indicate whether parking was easy or difficult, and prompted to select the parking solution they chose.