Benefits Discover untapped sources of revenue

Discover untapped
sources of revenue

In many service organizations field employees are most often the only representatives with whom customers interact face-to-face, and are therefore the main entity that shapes customer experience. Hormiga provides field personnel with intuitive tools and guidelines for becoming effective sales reps, driving your organization from a cost-center to a profit-generating business.

Teaching field technicians how to sell

Service visits are a prime opportunity for increasing company revenue. Hormiga has integrated into the work process an intuitive online sales toolkit that helps field representatives to suggestively sell a variety of add-on services and products.

With direct access to all customer information including service history and warranties, a representative might offer the customer to purchase an additional service or product; the renewal of a service agreement; or the upgrading of a device to a newer model. Customers may be tempted by a purchasing incentive of a special discount.

Once a customer accepts the offer, the service representative is pre-authorized to close the deal on site and process the order, with quick access to all customer records to ensure accuracy.

Gathering market intelligence

A service rep’s visit is a golden opportunity to obtain valuable information about customers through a short context-sensitive tree-structured questionnaire. The questionnaire is integrated into the work process, and filled out during the visit, in most part independently, with no customer participation required. Data that is collected is streamed automatically, and used for targeting specific customers with new offers, and for generating leads and marketing campaigns. Feedback regarding customer experience is used for refining work procedures and improving service.

Information collected by a rep may include: number of rooms; planned purchases by the customer; level of satisfaction; staff performance; loyalty; existing and competitors’ products. Serving as a uniquely useful tool, such accurate and detailed information obtained from a customer’s physical premises could never be obtained using one-size-fits-all questionnaires.