Benefits Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

In light of ever-growing customer expectations, improving customer service is among the main challenges that field organizations must face if they want to stay competitive. It is the only way to increase customer satisfaction and retention, and to reduce the churn rate.

Where is my technician?

Hormiga’s FDA predictive analytical technology provides dispatchers with the ability to continuously inform customers about accurate ETAs of field personnel, and to alert them about delays. This shows customers that their time is valuable and respected, whereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Dispatchers can also view predicted time windows and assign a new WO in the middle of the day to an employee whom the system foresees is most likely to arrive on time at a particular location.

At last, an accurate answer is provided for: ‘Where is my technician?’ Organizations that cannot provide information about when a WO is expected to begin or end, cannot meet their customer expectations. They also are unable to respond to real-time changes.

Maximizing efficiency for superior service

Your field workforce represents the ‘face’ of the company, which is why teams who are more professional enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hormiga’s BrightWorker provides field workforces with state-of-the-art mobile tools which heighten team professionalism and productivity. Such tools include collaborative-knowledge tools, predictive timelines, Player and automatic alerts to their mobile devices.

Teams are equipped with up-to-date information about WOs, customers and assets on the premises, enabling them to solve problems quickly and accurately, increasing FTFRs and reducing visit durations. Field reps are provided with clear and continuous instructions displayed on their mobile device throughout the work day, ensuring that they arrive on time and provide qualitative service. This enhances efficiency and assures the compliance with company’s work procedures.

Inventory and asset management

Using Hormiga’s inventory management, information is automatically streamlined from and to the inventory database about each part that is delivered or replenished, thereby eliminating shortages in products and spare parts and increasing FTFRs (first-time-fix-rates). The system updates BrightWorker accordingly, ensuring that employees have accurate up-to-date information regarding inventory in their van, and are therefore better prepared for their tasks.

Similarly, Hormiga’s asset management saves all the information and history of assets located on customer premises, including model and serial numbers, repair information, parts that were replaced, dates and technician names. Access to all this information ensures that workforces arrive prepared, eliminating phone calls to the office, and impelling efficiency.