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BrightWorker™ is a workforce-centric mobile app that proactively guides field employees through their busy day, equipping them with innovative tools that maximize the productivity of each workday.
By providing dynamic timelines, workday players and, advanced collaboration tools and real-time alerts, BrightWorker™ helps field employees plan and carry out daily tasks quickly and efficiently. With easy access to all work-related information, employees arrive promptly at their destinations, solving problems immediately and increasing first-time-fix-rates, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.


WorkdayPlayer™ proactively guides field workers through their daily workload seamlessly and effectively, displaying each upcoming task automatically. Engineered to identify every activity type, WorkdayPlayer presents the relevant function button with content-sensitive data, while also recording time of arrival and WO duration.


The SmartTimeline™ is a color-coded optimal-planning tool containing the completed WOs with corresponding durations and statuses, while presenting ETAs and travel distances to upcoming WOs. Continuously readjusted to reflect delays and changes in the work schedule, SmartTimeline is designed specifically to increase field-force productivity.

Forecasted Daily Activities

This automatically-generated forecast provides start, end, travel times and distances of all planned WOs, helping workers to carry out their daily workload most effectively. The FDA continuously recalculates forecasts for the remaining WOs, considering individual performance rates and current employee locations and activities.

WO snapshot

A brief glance at the WO summary provides a snapshot of essential information about each WO, saving time for field workers, and preventing errors caused by the need to rely on memory for the many details. Organizations can tailor the WO summary by incorporating relevant data and engaging icons that reflect their specific line of business and WO types.

Day Planner

Using Workday Planner, employees simply tap-drag-and-drop to select their preferred WO sequence within each predefined time slot, and selections are recorded automatically. This ultimate planning tool transforms any worker into a power-performer by utilizing personal knowledge of the field, and maximizing the efficiency of each day.

Parking tips

Employees are prompted to rank their parking and to share parking tips for the benefit of the entire workforce. When approaching a destination all parking options and colleague rankings are displayed, saving appreciable time and reducing the anxiety of finding parking in congested areas.


Insights are helpful tips and tricks containing up-to-date information that employees share with their colleagues about products, customers or accessibility. All relevant insights are displayed automatically when accessing the details of any WO or product, eliminating unnecessary delays and raising first-time-fix-rates.


Customizable for any industry, NimbleReport is an automated form that summarizes each work order that has been completed, engineered especially for field employees on the go. Workers fill out the form intuitively, skipping quickly from one field to the next, documenting all details and eliminating the chance of error.

Inventory management

As soon as a work order is completed the inventory in the van is synchronized instantaneously with the warehouse database, providing workers with an accurate picture of stock levels. Increasing FTFRs, this also helps the company to identify shortages, indicating when it’s time to replenish stock.


BrightWorker’s intuitive mobile tools and advanced navigational capabilities provide field workers with easy planning at their fingertips, by tapping any work order to access frequently-used information such as customer address, driving directions, distances, ETAs and parking recommendations.

Asset & customer history

BrightWorker provides field workers with immediate access to detailed relevant information about each asset installed at a customer’s premises, in addition to related WO history, delivering high efficiency levels to every workforce.

Knowledge base

The perpetually-growing Knowledge base, accessible by all workers, contains insights added by employees based on their professional experience. This innovative approach to saving field experience together with the company’s official operational guides, saves considerable time and increases efficiency to new heights.


BrightWorker’s main navigational screen, through scintillating, smart design, provides easy access to all the information workers need to carry out their tasks. Data transforms dynamically to reflect each shift’s state, while colleague insights and performance averages are displayed continuously, driving workers to unprecedented efficiency levels.

Message center

Brightworker retains in one central location a complete communication log displaying all automatic notifications regarding new work orders or cancellations that were sent to workers, as well as any correspondences that occurred between colleagues, such as for sharing a WO or a location.

Share a WO

BrightWorker allows employees to share a WO’s details with a colleague for the purpose of consultation or to request assistance to solve a problem. This helps increase efficiency by enabling workers to carry out each task as quickly as possible.

Scanning and verification

Field workers can easily scan any asset for the purpose of verifying warranty coverage, or to ensure that the asset corresponds with the one in the WO. An asset can also be scanned to check whether a WO was created for it, while products and parts can be scanned for accessing miscellaneous information.

Upselling and cross-selling

Face-to-face encounters with customers present a golden opportunity for companies to sell a variety of add-on services and products. Using BrightWorker’s intuitive online sales toolkit, representatives can check service history and warranties, and offer a service agreement renewal or the upgrade of a device.

Market intelligence

BrightWorker’s marketing surveys are highly useful for revealing information about customer behavior patterns, purchasing preferences, competitors, number of family members and more. Requiring no customer participation, the data is collected by field representatives and used for tailoring unique offers suitable to specific customer needs.