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Recognizing the unique value of employee collaboration in service organizations, Hormiga has taken this concept to a whole new level: Not only does Hormiga retain employee knowledge, it automatically shares this knowledge with all field personnel, thereby transforming them into highly professional service teams equipped with up-to-date information and the most effective mobile tools.


An effective means of knowledge-sharing in field service organizations, Insights are helpful tips, based on field experience that employees share with their colleagues. Linked automatically to corresponding work orders, products and customers, all relevant insights appear when a worker accesses any relevant work order information, eliminating unnecessary delays and increasing first-time-fix-rates.

Insights relate to 4 areas:
  • Product may contain tips about new products
  • Customer could indicate a customer’s operational hours
  • Access may contain a keypad entry code
  • Professional experience could indicate a shortcut procedure

Parking tips

Ending the eternal search for the ultimate parking spot, Hormiga saves parking tips shared by employees, and utilizes them to benefit other workers, thereby saving appreciable time and eliminating the anxiety of parking in congested areas. Workers are prompted to indicate the parking type and to rank it. These rankings are aggregated, and a score is assigned to each parking location. When approaching a destination all recommended parking options in the area are displayed automatically, color-coded according to colleague rankings.

Consult a colleague

Employees can share a WO’s details with a colleague for the purpose of consultation in solving a problem or sharing a location. This helps increase efficiency by enabling workers to carry out each task as quickly as possible.

Knowledge base

Hormiga‘s knowledge base includes user manuals and operational guides written by company personnel, and are linked to each relevant product, along with the insights, allowing employees to access all the professional knowledge they need from one central location. This dynamic and up-to-date knowledgebase is an effective means of retaining field experience, ensuring workforces that are highly professional and productive.