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Effective tracking of medical personnel enhances monitoring and performance


Granular Activity Recognition facilitates the complex task of billing


Saves time and resources


Monitor excessive use of resources

Every day, home healthcare agencies face the formidable task of providing outstanding care, reacting to unexpected events, and simultaneously maintaining regulatory compliance – all this while attempting to control costs and achieve revenue growth.

Home healthcare staffing companies manage thousands of employees and contractors, including doctors, nurses, aids and caregivers, who are routed to many different locations at every hour of the day.

Hormiga provides an unmatched mobile solution that can track detailed activity and shift information that not only helps in billing tasks, but also maximizes performance of field personnel.

Granular Activity Recognition presents full visibility of the field, analyzing performance, and automatically capturing the exact details of each employee activity. Generating analysis reports of all field activities, with precise durations, provides managers with authentic behavior patterns and performance rates. This enables organizations to detect wasted resources and improve faulty work procedures.

It is furthermore essential for home healthcare providers to use an effective routing optimization solution that will ensure fast arrival at each location. Hormiga’s Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization technology Hormiga’s Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization technology utilizes accumulated experience of the entire field workforce to generate optimized routes, thereby reducing operational costs and delivering maximum productivity every day.

Incorporating varied field constraints used by workers for arranging route sequences, Hormiga calculates routes that are far more optimized than those generated by the most intricate algorithm. Retaining accrued field knowledge, Hormiga replicates decision patterns that save training resources, increasing the efficiency of the entire organization

In addition, when an employee approaches a destination, staff rankings of all parking options in the area are displayed, saving appreciable time and reducing the anxiety of finding parking in congested areas.

Hormiga’s mobile solution provides real-time communications and alerts between the agency and the caregiver, integrated easily with any system. Automatically triggered deficient-performance alerts reduce costs significantly, by alerting excessive use of resources or inadequate performance. Notifying a manager or dispatcher when irregular actions are detected, alerts may indicate a travel distance that exceeded the expected distance, or activities reported far away from a WO location, allowing organizations to prevent problems by reacting to real-time occurrences.