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Increasing efficiency


Saves valuable time, and increases customer satisfaction


Through automated Granular Activity Recognition


Effective monitoring of employees, while reducing costs

Software and hardware products are changing at such a rapid pace, that service companies can barely provide the appropriate skills and inventory to resolve problems. Despite a clear drop in the number of assistance requests, the problems and the equipment are more complex, requiring more time and highly skilled technicians to solve them.

Along with highly competitive prices of IT equipment, IT service providers are forced not only to lower their rates, but to also provide added value rather than simple break/fix contracts. Nevertheless, reliance on IT infrastructure has increased, and customers expect deeper knowledge of their IT service company, and quick problem resolution, as every minute lost means lost profits.

Increased complexity, intense competition, and disappearing profit margins are significantly impacting IT service companies, and the difference between profit and loss can be as simple as missing a manufacturer’s warranty for a replaced component, or dispatching an overqualified technician.

Hormiga leverages mobile technology to alleviate the load on the call center and on field technicians. With automatic and transparent inventory management inventory levels are always balanced, and easily-accessed by the entire organization. This reduces the amount of time each technician spends on the phone and away from helping customers, thereby cutting costs and increasing revenue and profitability. Through Hormiga’s Granular Activity Recognition organizations are able to pinpoint top performers and replicate their work procedures to improve overall service and to define best business practices.

Through deficient-performance alerts and real-time access to all customer information, Hormiga enables technicians to proactively prevent a problem before the customer realizes there is one, rather than simply putting out fires. This decreases the number of emergency service calls and heightens customer satisfaction, converting organizations to trusted advisors and value-added service providers.

To further enhance service efficiency, service providers can establish a collaborative knowledge-base for technicians, containing problems and resolutions, occurrence rates and causes. WO scheduling and dispatching WO scheduling and dispatching enables real-time access to all WO statuses, history and locations, so dispatchers assign tasks faster than ever. This assures that the right technician is dispatched for each service call, equipped with the relevant knowledge and all the information about the customer and the upcoming service, thereby increasing FTFRs and saving valuable time

Hormiga provides highly-effective workday planning through its FDA mechanism, by generating forecasts of planned WOs assigned to each employee, including start and end times, travel times and distances between destinations. ETAs and durations are continuously recalculated by applying individual performance rates.

Moreover, Hormiga makes it easy to track invoices and payments, preventing occurrences by which customers are not billed for services provided. Service-level agreements (SLAs) are monitored automatically, alerting in advance regarding any service calls that may pose an SLA violation.

Finally, Hormiga enables service technicians to identify new sales opportunities by suggestively selling products or services during a service call. By mining information captured about customers and their equipment, effective marketing campaigns can be developed to promote products targeted at specific customer needs.