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Hormiga supports logistics and distribution companies, as well as freight and delivery organizations, providing distributors and other field employees with the most advanced proof of delivery (POD) capabilities and cutting-edge mobile tools.

Incorporating delivery notes and complete product-trees, Hormiga also supports return-of-goods by customers, dynamic replacement of goods and digital signatures. Drop analysis and optimization provide quick documentation of the relevant outcome, by recording when and by whom a package was received. This helps companies to easily track and measure each drop, and to identify the most productive employees and the least lucrative customers.

Optimization tools tailored to distribution companies

Hormiga’s optimization tools are most suitable for organizations that distribute in fixed geographic areas, whereby workers are rarely assigned to drop locations outside of their pre-assigned area.

Distribution personnel are highly familiar with fluctuating field constraints, such as customer availability, no-stopping zones, and temporary road-work, in addition to other changeable considerations pertaining to each individual drop zone that could affect the daily drop order. Furthermore, even within a single zone different workers may distribute several drops in a different order based on their own individual experience from the field.

It is, therefore of utmost importance for organizations to retain this operational knowledge and optimize it on a daily basis. This ensures that all the knowledge isn’t lost when an experienced employee leaves the company or even takes a vacation.

Studies show that field personnel, when presented with optimization systems that are based on mathematical algorithms designed to generate the shortest routes, will ignore recommended routes that don’t match their own intuitive order of performing the tasks. In such cases, they will prefer using their own knowledge to arrange their routes, which, in reality, prove to be the optimal routes, due to the fact that they incorporate experience and knowledge of field constraints.

Hormiga optimization system aggregates all the decisions made in the field and utilizes them for generating optimized routes that reflect considerations of the entire workforce, thereby providing logistics and distribution companies far better results and the highest possible ROI than any other solution.

Some delivery crews are required to scan numerous consignments on and off of their vehicles during their shift, causing lengthy waits on the premises, for example, until a loading dock becomes available. Additionally, teams must debrief when a shift ends, and transfer any undelivered goods from their manifest, as well as any collections made. Hormiga makes these tasks much easier, by providing the right mobile tools to overcome these challenges.

Integrating with the organization’s WMS (warehouse management system), Hormiga streamlines all relevant inventory information, enhancing productivity every day.