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Medical devices


Complete service history ensures smooth regulatory safety inspections


Automatic data collection provides adherence to standard operating procedures


Log of actions for each service call enhances customer service


Complete visibility of statuses of each service call, inventory, sales order and spare part

In contrast to other industries, medical equipment manufacturers are held to a high level of responsibility by their customers, as service can be critically urgent. This places pressure on companies to provide first-class service for maintaining customer satisfaction, and as a result, many manufacturers end up servicing their own equipment.

Providing superior service plays a strategic role in the success or failure of such companies, and could potentially damage the reputation of a manufacturer or even affect product sales.

With hardly any competition, the cost of servicing the equipment is at least as important as the item’s price. Consequently, buyers often negotiate the service costs as part of the equipment purchase, which has led medical device companies to set pre-fixed service fees. As a result, the only way to achieve service profitability is by reducing costs.

Furthermore, regulatory and safety compliance is highly complex, requiring strict adherence to patient safety procedures. To monitor the safety of medical devices, periodic audits are conducted, during which regulators review complete service reports about each problem, including equipment serial numbers, service dates, technicians’ names, final resolution, and calibration data.

Hormiga plays a unique role in facilitating service provider compliance by providing automating processes and data collection, thereby ensuring consistency and adherence to standard operating procedures.

Through a central collaborative knowledge-base that retains a vast amount of up-to-date professional knowledge and expertise, field personnel can easily access all the professional knowledge they need from one central location, including SLA provisions and regulatory requirements. The knowledge-base also contains colleague insights - shared by all employees, which ensures that the equipment is up and running as quickly as possible.

Embedding data-capturing into the service procedure enables easy retrieval of readily available statistical data which is essential during regulatory audits. This includes the ability to generate a log of actions for each service call for the entire life of the equipment, listing all technicians involved in the life-cycle of each call. This innovative retrieval technology reduces the length of audits, and yields far fewer non-compliance events, while also replacing the need to fill out paperwork.

Hormiga leverages mobile technology to enable direct communication and coordination between field service technicians, the customer, and the call center. Providing total visibility of the status of calls, inventory and spare parts, Hormiga enhances efficiency and ensures rapid customer service and customer loyalty.