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Easier management of smart-meter field logistics


Better maintenance increases regulation compliance


Increases efficiency through better monitoring of outsourced personnel


Take the fastest route every day

In recent years, electricity, gas and water utilities have been subjected to unprecedented pressure by customers, regulators and investors alike, and mobile utility workforces feel the squeeze. The main expectation of customers is for better and faster service, a challenge that is increasing due to the growing demand for smart-meters. Smart-meters require managing meter field-logistics, including multiple daily requests for installation, maintenance, outage response, configuration, data capture, meter-reading, processing and reporting.

Furthermore, utility equipment must perform optimally and comply with exceedingly stringent service and maintenance regulations, such as OSHA requirements. Simultaneously, utilities are expected to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Because managing utilities may often involve heavy equipment, and due to the nature of the industry which is based on short-duration tasks of up to one day, many utilities employ outsourced personnel to increase efficiency.

Hormiga provides an efficient platform for managing utility employees and contractors, with the ability to implement a set of pre-configured business processes that provide the best practices for meter-service scheduling, dispatch and work execution. Applying Hormiga’s routing optimization increases efficiency by ensuring the fastest daily work route for each worker. Hormiga furthermore provides dispatchers with the ability to easily identify a worker with the right skills and who is likely to arrive fastest at a required destination.

Hormiga‘s central collaborative knowledge-base enables field personnel to easily access in the field all the professional knowledge they need from one central location, in addition to SLA provisions and regulatory requirements. Company operational guides and colleague insights are linked automatically to corresponding work orders, products and customers, and shared by all employees. All relevant insights appear when a worker accesses a work order, eliminating unnecessary delays and increasing first-time-fix-rates.

Hormiga‘s dynamic and up-to-date knowledge-base is an effective means of retaining field experience, and ensuring that workforces maintain high productivity and a high professional level.