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Track arrival and departure times of each task - remotely


Easy management of periodic maintenance visits


Save resources through automatically-optimized daily work routes


Enhanced tracking for easy billing

A highly-competitive field, water treatment faces demanding business challenges such as exceedingly-high customer expectations and long work hours. To keep up with the competition, service teams must deliver excellent results faster than ever before.

An efficient maintenance management software program that integrates scheduled work orders can make a significant difference in the maintenance, repair and technical management of water installations.

Water treatment for industrial and municipal usage

Hormiga offers an effective solution for companies that treat water both for industrial and municipal usage, ensuring a continuous flow of qualitative water through filtering and ongoing monitoring of quality control and maintenance.

Providing real-time scheduling and intuitive reporting of each WO, generated instantaneously upon WO completion, Hormiga also helps service companies manage equipment and spare parts seamlessly through its advanced asset and inventory management.

Using the Hormiga state-of-the-art FSM system, work teams focus solely on providing top-notch service, processing WOs, and viewing service history and installations to better prepare for each task.

The system’s Granular Activity Recognition automatically identifies and records exact travel hours and specific work activities, eliminating the need to enter this information manually.

Hormiga Dispatch and Scheduling assigns each service call to the most suitable technician, instantly locating the nearest available vehicle of the technician most likely to arrive first on location, thus reducing fuel costs significantly.

Another crucial aspect for water treatment service companies is maintaining complete and accurate customer records. Hormiga retains each service call with detailed customer data, including corrosion rate, inhibitor dosage, pH level and concentration ratio, so technicians always have detailed service history of each customer at their fingertips.

Water purification for pools and spa

The growing trend to reduce hazardous chemicals has increased the demand for saltwater chlorine generators for pools, resulting in the need for more frequent service visits.

Hormiga offers a superior solution for companies that service residential pools, hotel pools and spas. Helping service companies to keep an accurate record of past and upcoming service visits, Hormiga also makes it easy to track each technician’s arrival and departure times at every property, providing efficient daily planning and accurate tracking of hours for billing purposes.

Utilizing field-optimization, Hormiga ensures optimal daily work routes, saving time and reducing gasoline and vehicle maintenance expenses. Travel costs are further reduced by increasing first-time-fix-rates.