Service Excellence

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Service Excellence

Empowering your
workforce in the field

Service excellence is based on the vital role of the field employee, who most often is your company’s only face-to-face representative, and the dominant entity that shapes the customer’s experience. Therefore, implementing a workforce-centric service methodology is crucial in achieving performance excellence. Ensuring that a qualified technician arrives on time at the right customer’s premises, equipped with the necessary parts and up-to-date information - highlights the main challenges that field service management companies face each day.

Since service excellence depends on field employees, it is no surprise that leading service organizations are investing in mobile technologies to increase employee productivity. This has a direct impact on customers, addressing such concerns as resolving problems in a timely manner. Company policy permitting, easing real-time access to up-to-date information at the point-of-service is a good starting point to achieve higher first-time fix-rates, providing information about customer premises, history, location, and related parts and assets.

Yet, service excellence goes far beyond granting remote access to the company’s CRM system. To enable effective use of data in the field, service operations, due to their complex and dynamic nature, require mobile work tools suitable for a work environment that differs entirely from that of an office environment. Field employees need the support, policies and technologies that will help them focus on varied work orders throughout the day, proactively guiding them in carrying out their tasks smoothly, while maximizing their performance.

Knowledge sharing –
a key to increasing performance

Providing superior field service requires easy access to a centralized knowledge-base shared by all employees, containing recommended procedures, professional suggestions relating to an asset, and tips regarding roadwork and parking. Field employees obtain a wealth of invaluable practical information about assets, customers and problem resolution that is essential not only for back-office administration, but can also benefit the entire organization. Capturing and retaining all this knowledge without jeopardizing field employee performance saves resources and increases profitability substantially.

Advanced mobile technology heightens service

Equipping field employees with the right mobile technologies that contain up-to-date information and accumulated knowledge, has the ability to maximize resources, allowing for faster and more effective problem resolution. It is highly important for technicians to utilize such mobile tools to arrange and preview their daily schedule, collect all necessary parts, or view past history and prepare accordingly. Selecting a preferred workday sequence using navigation and parking tips makes their starting point much easier.

It is essential, furthermore, during a service call, for technicians to quickly capture any relevant information about a customer’s premises or assets. Validating service entitlement can be easily done by scanning a barcode or taking a picture to record and report a visual aspect. Enabling field personnel to connect instantaneously with colleagues to share problems, access SLAs, and view insights about technical or operational procedures, provides real value and can save a lot of time.

In addition, after each service visit, technicians can help the organization in creating sales opportunities, recording used parts, reporting work completion for fast invoicing, and viewing their own performance metrics to prompt improvement.

Mobile solutions that guide employees by displaying relevant information at the right time, enable field workers to be far more efficient, by streamlining the workflow, automating processes, reducing errors, and enabling collaboration. Increasing employee productivity and loyalty through this type of solution, introduces a new paradigm to the world of service. Studies have shown that using guidance-based systems that provide real-time, accurate and relevant information, enables workers to focus on their professional tasks, resulting in better service for customers.