Service Excellence

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Service Excellence

Nuggets of wisdom
a treasure of accrued knowledge

Equipped with technical knowledge and professional training, technicians are more productive; can diagnose problems and resolve issues faster and more effectively; can handle more service calls and achieve higher first-time fix-rates, resulting in happier customers.

But for organizations that choose to excel in service, sharing knowledge is more than simply providing field workforces with good training and remote access to back office or ERP systems, or with operational manuals for a service visit.

Moreover, service organizations today face a major challenge of ever-evolving and complex technology. Coupled with normal employee turnover rates and the retirement of experienced technicians, many companies end up relying on the memory of a few experts who could theoretically resolve any problem. Because field employees cannot be replaced easily, especially once they have gained experience and practical knowledge, this poses a serious risk of losing important information.

Yet, while this highly-valuable treasure of knowledge could potentially be utilized by employees when making decisions in the field, it is also difficult to isolate and to document, and is therefore often overlooked, remaining solely in the memory of employees forever.

In order to avoid the risk of losing accrued information, companies understand that they must retain their team’s knowledge and share it with all the workers in a user-friendly, contextual method, to ensure top performance of their workforce.

The solution is establishing an extensive knowledge-base for field employees, that contains accrued experience of all workers, including tips about products, repairs, parking spots and their rankings, as well as information about customers, asset history, accessibility instructions, SLAs, and inventory availability in their vehicles – all of which is accessible through state-of-the-art mobile technology.

It is, furthermore, important that information can flow bi-directionally, providing workers with the ability to easily update the office in real time regarding a customer resolution, used parts or asset information, either through text messaging or by uploading an image. Additionally, field reps can gather market intelligence regarding customer behavior and preferences, or provide sales leads, which, when captured in real time directly from a customer’s premises, provides even greater value.

Moreover, the technology must provide easy access to the most relevant information to each field rep in real-time in the context of each work order, while enabling workers to continue working on their current task. This ensures the quick and efficient utilization of information to resolve a problem on site during the visit, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels. Organizations that are able create a means of supporting this perpetual knowledge transfer in the most effective manner, can truly provide service excellence.